Sterling silver "round snake" chains are included in the prices for pieces shown in
"Whats For Sale".  If you do not want the chain, the cost can be deducted.  Prices
depend on weight primarily and current silver market value.  I have shown
"medium-weight" chains, which cost an average of $
35-40.  Usually shorter chains are
less since they weigh less, but for the sake of convenience, I am pricing  16", 18", or
20" chains at
between $30-$48.  Lighter weight and heavier weight chains are available.  
Longer chains of 24" are also available.

I have new adjustable chains that are 16-20 inches for $58.  20-24 inch chains are $62.
They are a round link, slightly wider in diameter, and light weight.
Talk to me about your choice and I'll quote you current prices.
Anne Vogt Jewelry
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rare and unusual gemstones