Anne Vogt Jewelry
fine handcrafted sterling silver jewelry featuring
rare and unusual gemstones
The silver settings may be polished with a silver polishing cloth.  Some liquid or
paste cleaners may damage softer stones so the safest bet is a polishing cloth.  

Softer stones such as opals, covellite, turquoise, apatite, stitchtite, and malachite
should not be subjected to soaps, oils, or chemicals that can cause them to change
color or lose their lister over time.  

As a precaution, cover the stones when applying hairspray or perfume.  Avoid
ultrasonic machines.  
The chart below will provide information on whether to use ultrasonic or not.  

Crystalline stones (drusy agate, uvarovite, and cobaltocalcite) can collect debris &
oils over time.  A soft toothbrush with very warm water, a bit of liquid dish soap and
splash of ammonia will cut the deposits.  

Cobaltocalcite and opals probably should not be subjected to the ammonia.  A little
extra care will extend the life and luster of these beautiful stones.