Anne Vogt Jewelry
fine handcrafted sterling silver jewelry featuring
rare and unusual gemstones
Custom Orders
Do I take custom orders?  Hmmmmm, that depends.  Between April and
November I participate in a number of art fairs.  I am often gone for a week at
a time.  In between shows, I am creating new pieces to replace what I sold.  
Custom orders require that I quit my production to focus on a new piece.  I am
willing to take custom orders, but they may take a while, depending on how
busy I am and how many orders are in front of yours.  Other times of the year,
I may be able to do them right away.  I usually try to complete an order within
2 to 4 weeks.  Cost depends on the stones, time required to build the piece,
and design.  Sorry, I don’t do repairs on other people’s work.  

If you are interested in having something made, call or
E-Mail Me and we can
discuss it.  Remember, if I don’t return your correspondence right away, I may
be at a show or traveling home.  I’ll return your query as soon as I return.