Anne Vogt Jewelry
fine handcrafted sterling silver jewelry featuring
rare and unusual gemstones
Hello, and thank you for visiting Anne Vogt Jewelry.   I work in sterling silver and I specialize in rare and
unusual gemstones.  I individually construct each piece of jewelry from silver sheet, bezel, tubing and
wire.  The unique stones incorporated into my work are difficult to obtain.  Some are completely mined
out, others are from remote locations and some are found in small limited deposits.  I also use more
easily available, more affordable stones.

Most of my inventory travels with me to juried art festivals.  If you have seen something at a n art festival
that you are interested in, email me and I can send you my  digital images of what's in stock.  The
jewelry from the shows may have been sold.  The uniqueness of each stone makes it very difficult to
show all pieces from the shows here.

I have tried to show in the "What's for Sale" section items with stones that I can obtain more readily.  
Contact me and if I don't have it in stock and the stone is available, I will make a piece for you.  

Thanks for looking.